Cast aside the worry of remembering servicing schedules of your vehicles. We will remind you at the right time to avoid any dysfunction in your costly belonging.

Manufacturers recommend servicing cars at least once a year, and for bikes, you need to do it every 2 to 3 months. Regular servicing maintains the vehicle’s performance, ensuring it doesn’t let you down midway. It also increases the lifespan of cars and bikes, making them more fuel efficient. 

While purchasing a car or a bike, you get a manufacturer’s manual along with it. The owner must follow the guide to know how often they should service their vehicles. However, with a busy schedule, we are likely to overlook these things. But ignoring it may cost you a fortune.

Adi Repairing Hub keeps you reminded of periodic overhauling dates. Whatever medium (email, text message, Whatsapp) you’re comfortable in, we’ll send you alerts to update you. Thus you may focus on your daily routine, leaving the stress of your vehicle maintenance with us. What’s more, upon your confirmation for servicing, we’ll pick up your vehicle from your home and drop it at your preferred place the same day after the overhauling.