At Aadi Engineering Works, we use engine oils with higher viscosity and additives to enable your vehicle to run smoothly, mile after mile.

Lubricants reduce friction in the auto parts, minimising wear and tears while running. Again, it keeps the engine cool and prevents corrosion. Besides choosing the best oil for your vehicle, you need to change it periodically to aid your automobile’s health. Two-wheeler manufacturers recommend changing the lubricant and its filter every six months. However, for cars, you must change it after every 15000 km. of driving. 

While choosing engine oil, vehicle owners often assume that all oils are similar. However, engine oil is the foremost thing for your vehicle that cannot be compromised. The quality of engine oils depends on the level of viscosity and additives.

Highly viscous oils are more heat-resistance. In India, the temperature is generally high. Choosing lubricants with lower viscosity will get thinner in warm weather, leading to losing the lubricating properties in the oils. Additives, on the other hand, are the added chemicals to improve lubrication, enabling the oils to perform well in higher temperatures and contamination.

At Aadi Engineering Works, you always get gilt-edge lubricants, enhancing the lifespan of your car and its spare parts. We use 30-grade oils that are perfect for the Indian climate. Furthermore, we send you alerts to top up and change engine oils before the scheduled time so that you don’t have to ride the vehicle with contaminated oil.