We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure your vehicle never underperforms, even if its spare parts need to be replaced. Spare parts are uniquely manufactured to suit specific vehicle models. Unlike minor fix-ups,  OEM parts are compulsorily required in collision repair, as aftermarket parts may not fit the damaged panel to the exact specification.

Considering that, we always provide original parts to empower your wheels to run smoothly as before. At Aadi Engineering Works, OEM parts are readily available for all brands and all models of two-wheelers and cars. Thus, you don’t need to wait a couple of days to avail the genuine parts.

All spare parts we provide for cars and bikes come in the company’s own packages, bearing its name and logo. Hence, there is no risk of using duplicate or cast-off products. You can also check the barcode and the price printed on it to be completely assured of the quality and transparency.

Nearly all spare parts give warranty assurance. When you opt for OEM parts, you can enjoy the warranty for the same period as the original. This means you can ultimately save your money.