Don’t panic if you are stranded midway due to your collapsed vehicle. Call us for our roadside assistance services. Our team of expert mechanics will get to your location to rescue you from trouble.

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting stuck on the road with a broken-down car or bike. Mishaps tend to happen to drivers while traveling on roads. It may occur due to falling short of fuel or sudden battery dead. The situation becomes more stressful when the rider fails to understand the exact reason for such a sudden seize up.

Aadi Engineering Works can help you to get out of such circumstances. Upon your call, our expert mechanics will visit the place soon and inspect the condition of your vehicle. We’ll be equipped with the required tools and adequate fuel to give your two-wheeler or car an instant boost. 

Standing on the roadside during the restoration work is quite annoying. We arrange cabs for customers to ensure their safety and convenience. Our roadside assistance services include:

Battery Service

Whether your battery has drained out its charge, we can help you to jumpstart it. If it completely goes dead, we’ll replace it with a new one instantly.

Replacing Flat Tire

Replacing a flat tire is a tiring job. If you can’t manage it yourself, you can contact us for help.

Refill the Fuel Tank

If the fuel level is low, we’ll reach there with enough fuel to get your vehicle back on the road immediately.


If you have lost or locked your keys inside the car, our mechanics will enable you to unlock your vehicle.


If none of these quick hacks can help you to start the vehicle, we will take it to our service station by towing it. Don’t worry. We’ll take intense care of your car to ensure it doesn’t get damaged while towing it. Once the repair work gets complete, one of our mechanics will drop it off at your doorstep.