Say goodbye to dirt, grimes and odors in your car. At Aadi Engineering Works, we use advanced tools and techniques to give your automobile a cosmetic touch-up, recapturing the showroom appearance.

Protecting your car from harsh weather and dirt on roads is nearly impossible. This makes your car look unappealing and lose its charm over time. Both the interior and exteriors of automobiles include complex mechanisms that require intense care to function smoothly. Experts advise detailing cars at a regular interval of 4 to 6 months to enhance their performance and life span.

We provide affordable interior and exterior detailing services for all hatchback, MPV or SUV cars of all brands. Our range of work includes

Interior Detailing

Vacuuming and Brushing

We use vacuum cleaners to pull out dirt from the deepest corners of the car, including upholsteries, carpets, AC vents, etc. We thoroughly brush all portions of the interiors to remove dust.

Window Glass and Windscreen Cleaning

Glass cleaners help to remove water spots and filth from the windscreen and window glasses. It ensures clear visibility and maintains shine.


Tough stains and mud smears are hard to rub off from the carpet. We use carpet shampoos to bring back the fresh and new look.


Using water to clean leather and steel parts can make your car awful. We soak a piece of cloth in leather cleaner and mild liquid detergents and wipe the delicate areas to keep the lustre pristine. 


After a thorough cleaning of the interiors, a car freshener is used to bestow a long-lasting fresh smell inside the car.



A neutral ph-based car shampoo helps in removing mud and filth on the car exterior without rubbing too much.


After washing, we use a clay bar to rub off any residue or build-up that couldn’t be cleansed after washing.


In polishing, we remove the original polish by rubbing it with an abrasive and applying a new protective wax coating.


Ultimately we use sealant to retrieve the shine and lustre and create a protective layer to combat poor weather conditions.